Garage and Carport maintenanceGarages and carports are the place which gives protection to your vehicle. Hence this is the places which need to be maintained. Vehicle and its protection is very valuable thing and hence for protecting it garages and carports play a vital role and they should be maintained properly. Over a period of years there are chances of having some or the other minor or major issue in the garage or carport which should be focused and repaired. It is very essential to maintain the beauty and integrity of your garage and carport. Here are some of the helpful tips for maintaining garages and carports.

  • Flooring

Garage is such a place where there are chances that they get dirty easily. Oil, Greece and such other things make your garage dirty. Thus it is necessary to have such floors which have easy to clean feature. The right finish to your floor will enable your concrete floor to get easy to clean surface and it will also give your floor a fine polished look. Options for paint include epoxy and acrylic latex which are specifically designed for garage floors. Stains and concrete sealers are much easy to apply but it will require more cleaning and also reapplication.

Whichever finishes you opt for make sure you properly clean your floor first; wash your floor appropriately with trisodium phosphate or any cleanser of similar nature and rinse it with the help of a hose. Start this thing from the back of the garage and then come to the front.

After the floor is set for the new finish, check the area is properly ventilated. After then apply the paint, sealer or stain whatever you have chosen.

Leave the floor as it as for at least 24 hours without walking on it to dry. And start parking a car after a week of this application.

  • Parking

Let your garage walls and cars remain without damage by marking the parking zone in your garage. Make use of colorful electrical tape or spray some paint to indicate the drive-in stopping point or you can also hang on a tennis ball from the ceiling so that when you reach the spot of stopping, the ball will hit the spot and likewise you will not cross the limit.

  • Ventilation

A properly sealed garage can be a great working spot or a storage area but it can also be a collection of carbon monoxide gas which is generated from cars and other machinery like lawn mowers. Make sure you don’t use any such things in a detached garage. Keep the doors of the garage open and then make use of any such things. Also make sure don’t use such machinery which will spread this gas and get in your house.

  • Close the gaps

If you want that debris, vermin and cold air should stay away from garage then the only solution is to close the gaps which are around the door of your garage. By sealing the gaps and open areas all those things will remain out of your garage.




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