Kitchen cleaningCooking is not an easy job as you think but do you know what is more difficult than cooking? It is cleaning your kitchen after you are done with cooking. After cooking there will be a greasy floor, piles of dishes, dirty cabinets and lot other minor things to clean. Cleaning your kitchen and all this mess after cooking is really difficult so to get rid of this mess one of the easiest ways of cleaning your kitchen is to have precautions at the initial stage only. Try and keep your kitchen clean while cooking only so that you don’t have to clean it at the end. However this is partially possible but not totally possible. If you want to have some ease in cleaning your kitchen, here are some of the tips which will help you make less mess and in turn make cleaning your kitchen bit less troublesome.

  • Use a garbage bowl

Now you must be thinking having a trash can in the kitchen why to use a garbage bowl. But trust me it is very effective to use a garbage bowl to make some less effort while cleaning your kitchen at the end if a garbage bowl is used.  Every single time whenever there is any garbage going to the trash can and dropping some of the things in the middle can make your kitchen more dirty and hence having a garbage bowl while cooking will keep your kitchen more cleaner and also save you some time. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you also keep some of the waste things on the kitchen counter itself which you have to clean at the end. Having a garbage bowl also saves you from cleaning that waste while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Match the size of your cutting board and cutting mat

It might have happened with you many times that when you have a big bulky cutting board, you chop the vegetables on that and try to slide down the chopped vegetables in the pan but the vegetables slide down on the floor because of the oversized cutting board. This will increase the mess and in turn increase the work of cleaning your kitchen. Thus it is advisable to have a cutting mat on your cutting board and instead of putting the whole cutting board you can just take the mat and put the chopped vegetables inside the pan without even a single piece falling outside.

  • Take trash can out of cupboard

While cooking, if you are going to use lots of boxed goods or canned goods then it is better to take the recycling bin or trash bin out of your cupboard and put it right beside you so that whenever you use any thing, you can throw it right away in that and don’t make the kitchen cabinets or floor dirty and in turn lessen up the task of cleaning your kitchen. Thus following this amll tips can lessen the huge task of cleaning your kitchen and keeping it neat and tidy.


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