Floors are the true face of your home – more than the walls I suppose. Many people spend millions on their flooring. We however, will be concentrating on remodeling the floor in a much more economic fashion.

Choose flooring which will best suit your need, your budget, the climate & other aspects. Wooden flooring, though appealing, is a strict no-no for crowded areas. Better yet, go in for a vitrified or marble flooring, which will cost you somewhere near $20 per square feet.

If you are not hiring a professional, take utmost care while removing the old flooring. Breakage of your old tiles is obvious & do not assume any monetary returns from them. Clear up the area with a broom & then apply a caulking or similar filling. Allow it some time to set up.
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing your new flooring. Professional help can be taken as required.


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