Gambrel roofsBecause of the construction, appearance and structure, gambrel roofs are also referred as barn roof. The building of gambrel roof is considered traditional. However this roofing needs appropriate maintenance to keep up with its durability. Gambrel roofing is good and has several advantages but along with advantages, gambrel roofing also carries disadvantages with it. Foremost issue of gambrel roofing is its ventilation problems and due to this, water damage and dry rot issues also arise. Thus it becomes very necessary to solve any issues immediately once detected in your gambrel roofing. Follow the below mentioned tips and it will save your gambrel roofs from damaging and maintain its durability.

  • Height of your roof

Gambrel roofs have limited heights and due to this the attic of your house got restricted. Thus because of less height the attic space got cramped up but there is a way out for this problem. You can increase the height of your roof for getting rid of this issue. But while doing so be careful that it does not affect your neighborhood in a negative way and you also don’t break up any area rules or codes which restricts you from doing so. Take care that while installing gambrel roof the attic space must be appropriate so that good insulation or ventilation can be availed.

  • Ventilation problems

As compared to other roofs, gambrel roofs are prone to dirt and moisture and due to these, gambrel roofs often suffers issues of ventilation. These roofs are built very close to the rest of the house and also they are placed tightly against the main frame of brick work of the house thus getting good ventilation becomes problematic.  To get rid of this ventilation issue it is important to plan in advance and install a suitable ventilation system. Plan this ventilation while you are on the track of constructing your new homes roof.

  • Additional tips to improve ventilation

We all know that ventilation is the most common issue faced by the gambrel roofs, extra devices can be installed to get rid of it and make gambrel roofing more effective. You can go for ridge vents installation in the small edges of your roof. By doing so, the areas of your house get constant intake and outflow of air. You can take help of a professional mason and install a specialized device called eyebrow vents at the lowest point of your roof. If this option is also not convenient for you then we also have a simple solution. You can have a small hole in the roof of your home to have a small attic fan. Through this your attic would have a good flow of air by just a c lick of a switch.

  • Insulation

Insulating the roof your house is very essential job. There are several states which have certain rules which forces the builders or house owners to have proper foam insulation while the process of construction. Gambrel roofs are such which needs the most effective form of insulation as these captures heat and moisture a lot and don’t leave this heat and moisture soon. This results in building up of fungi.


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