Install stair rails, stairsStair railings give your home the perfect look that you want. But sometimes installing stair railings become a very hard task. When it comes to installing stair railings, some guidelines must be followed to properly complete the installation.

The first step is to evaluate the railing location. Measurement should be taken from the top of the landing to stair bottom and then an extra 2 feet is to be added to that measurement. The second step is to buy the correct materials. Materials should be bought according to the measurements like a 90 second epoxy, few brackets for the handrail, etc. when it comes to buying the railing; there are several varieties to select from like pine, oak or poplar. Thirdly get in contact with a professional builder to install the stair railings. Fourthly you need to decide on the finishing part like if you want the end part rounded for safety. Lastly you need to know how to maintain your stair railing properly.


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