Bathroom TilesBathroom is one place which should be one of the cleanest areas of the house. But on the contrary it turns out to be the opposite. Therefore it is very important to ensure regular cleaning of the bathroom to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Most of the times while cleaning; people tend to focus on the cupboards, curtains, toilets and taps of the bathroom. Equal importance should be given to the cleaning of tiles. If the tiles are not cleaned, then with time moss, mildew, scum, grime and germs could make a permanent home on the tiles. So the question now is that how the tiles should be cleaned?

You do not have to make any extra expenses for the cleaning. With the stuff available in the house, you can ensure good cleaning of tiles. Some of the items that you can use are vinegar, salt, baking soda and lemon juice. With a little scrubbing, these items are going to give you clean, squeaky tiles in no time.


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