Gambrel roofsBecause of the construction, appearance and structure, gambrel roofs are also referred as barn roof. The building of gambrel roof is considered traditional. However this roofing needs appropriate maintenance to keep up with its durability. Gambrel roofing is good and has several advantages but along with advantages, gambrel roofing also carries disadvantages with it. Foremost issue of gambrel roofing is its ventilation problems and due to this, water damage and dry rot issues also arise. Thus it becomes very necessary to solve any issues immediately once detected in your gambrel roofing. Follow the below mentioned tips and it will save your gambrel roofs from damaging and maintain its durability.

  • Height of your roof

Gambrel roofs have limited heights and due to this the attic of your house got restricted. Thus because of less height the attic space got cramped up but there is a way out for this problem. You can increase the height of your roof for getting rid of this issue. But while doing so be careful that it does not affect your neighborhood in a negative way and you also don’t break up any area rules or codes which restricts you from doing so. Take care that while installing gambrel roof the attic space must be appropriate so that good insulation or ventilation can be availed.

  • Ventilation problems

As compared to other roofs, gambrel roofs are prone to dirt and moisture and due to these, gambrel roofs often suffers issues of ventilation. These roofs are built very close to the rest of the house and also they are placed tightly against the main frame of brick work of the house thus getting good ventilation becomes problematic.  To get rid of this ventilation issue it is important to plan in advance and install a suitable ventilation system. Plan this ventilation while you are on the track of constructing your new homes roof.

  • Additional tips to improve ventilation

We all know that ventilation is the most common issue faced by the gambrel roofs, extra devices can be installed to get rid of it and make gambrel roofing more effective. You can go for ridge vents installation in the small edges of your roof. By doing so, the areas of your house get constant intake and outflow of air. You can take help of a professional mason and install a specialized device called eyebrow vents at the lowest point of your roof. If this option is also not convenient for you then we also have a simple solution. You can have a small hole in the roof of your home to have a small attic fan. Through this your attic would have a good flow of air by just a c lick of a switch.

  • Insulation

Insulating the roof your house is very essential job. There are several states which have certain rules which forces the builders or house owners to have proper foam insulation while the process of construction. Gambrel roofs are such which needs the most effective form of insulation as these captures heat and moisture a lot and don’t leave this heat and moisture soon. This results in building up of fungi.

Flat RoofRoofing being an important part of the house, people spent a good amount on roofing. Thus, if you are spending such a good amount you should be aware about what you are choosing and what are the facts, pros and cons of that roofing. Thus if you are opting for a flat roofing these are some of the facts you should be aware of.

  • Single ply, built up and spray on/paint on are the three general types of flat roofing materials.
  • Single ply refers to just one layer of membrane as weather surface and waterproofing. The most common types of single ply roofing membrane are PVC and TPO.
  • Commercial and residential construction uses this single ply roofing membrane as the most popular roofing material.
  • Different types of single ply membranes are different in nature. PVC, TPO and EPDM are different in terms of durability, costing, specs and formulations.
  • 6-18 feet is the range in width of single ply membranes. Widely used membranes are around 10 feet.
  • The average thickness of this membrane should be atleast 50 mil. The common range of single ply roof ranges from 45 to 90 mil.
  • The next type of roof is built up roof which is built up with more and more layers for its longetivity and durability and hence it is named built up. The materials used in its manufacturing process are asphalt, rolled asphalt, modified bitumen, tar saturated paper and liquid tar with gravel.
  • Any type of built up roofing needs a positive roof slope which should be at least ½ inches.
  • Built up roofing are stopped being used in commercial properties as it is now considered to be outdated by modern construction standards. Where as it is still used in residential properties because of its low cost quality.
  • Next type of flat roofing is spray on/paints on roofs. The two most common types of spray on roofs are spray foam insulation which is sprayed directly on the roof deck and then it is coated with acrylic or urethane coating. Along with it a layer of crushed stones is also sprayed. Another spray on type is roof coatings which is manufactured and used to extend the service life by 10 to 15 years.
  • The costing of flat roofing sets at a price which is lower than pitches/sloped roofs.
  • The cheapest single ply membrane is EPDM whose rubber cost of material is about $1.5 per square foot.
  • The cost of TPO roofing is about $1.7 per square foot.
  • The cost of PVC roofing is about $1.9 per square foot.
  • The costing of modified bitumen and rolled asphalt roofs is ranging between $1.3 to 2.2 per square foot which depends upon number of piles.
  • The rarest of all is tar roofs which are to be specially ordered and thus these material prices are not available.
  • Single ply membranes are either fully adhered or mechanically attached.
  • In fully adhered method, installation comprises of gluing the membrane directly to insulation or to the substrate.
  • Method of mechanically attached comprises installation through fastening each row of membrane to the roof with the help of roofing screws and barbed plates.

metal roofsMetal roofs, the best option of all roofing methods selected by the homeowners, who are installing a new roof in their home. There is no doubt that metal roofing is costly as compared to other roofing methods, but it is  the more useful roofing method. There are many benefits available when installing metal roofs in your home. You will find many of the areas where metal roofing is installed and this roofing method is seen in large regions in the country because it is easy and simple to install. The products and the materials used in the installation of metal roofing are easily available in the market. To make sure you are using the highest quality materials, build with Armstrong Steel building kits. The reason behind selecting and installing metal roofing method are as under.

Reasons of Selecting Metal Roofing:

  • We all know that installing a metal roof in your home is costly but it provided you the reason which can be helpful to take you the decision regarding metal roofing is it durable in nature. The life of metal roof is more as compared to other roofing methods because it can be easily maintained. The metals objects such as sheets or the metal strips can be used in metal roofing. The substance from which the strips or sheets are made up are of longer lasting in life and are more durable in nature as weigh against other roofing methods.
  • Another reason of installing the metal roof in your home is low insurance premium, because roof is such an important aspect which needs to be insured, and as the metal roofing have sustainable life rate and is more durable in nature, less damage is observed in the roof. These factors of the roof increase its rate to be installed in the home as the roof. as compared to other roofing methods like asphalt shingles or the wooden roof, they need more care and attendance towards its maintenance but metal roofing is not in such category which need more money to be spend at.
  • Maintaining the roof is very tiring thing which the homeowners does not like of doing, for those homeowners metal roofing is the best reason to be installed in their home because as compared to other roofing methods like wood roof, tile roof, etc they need to be maintained every 5-10 years of time to repair the damaged portion in the roof but that issue has been solved with the help of installing the metal roof in your roof. Metal roofing can sustain for more than 50 years and does not gets affected due to any moss or algae accumulation on the roof.
  •  At the time of selling the house, the purchaser of the house will inspect the house properly and accordingly pay the amount of money. At that time if the roof is not appropriate and not maintained properly than the amount of the home will be less as estimated. This problem has been solved by metal roofing. If you have installed wood roof, or asphalt roof than there is possibility that the roof is not maintained as expected by the purchaser and less amount of the home can be arrived. But if the metal roof have installed in the home than higher amount of money can be available to the homeowners selling the home. This will be beneficial to the homeowners, credit to their return on investment.

good roofing companyAre you in search of a good roofing company? There is no shortage of roofing companies around but how can you guarantee you’re hiring the best one? Aside from reviews or personal recommendations, you’re kind of on your own. But here are some tips you might find useful when trying to find a reliable roofing agency.

First of all, you should always go with a distinguished and seasoned roofing company. The reputable ones should guarantee quality service and have years of expert experience in handling varied roofing services and tasks. The company should be ready to do a thorough inspection with state of the art inspection equipment in order to find hidden leaks or any other less obvious problems.

The roofing agency you are going to use should have insurance protection as well. The insurance protection is required to save you from any liability compensation in case something bad happens to the workers while working on your property. After you do research on the company itself, look at reviews. Unless you know someone who has personally worked with this roofing company, reviews are all you’re going to have to go on.

Flat roofs are generally the preferred ones in regions of moderate to high temperatures. Roofing is a job, which is more skilled than it often looks. One has the option of installing one of the four roofing systems available in the market. Each is priced at around $300 per 100 square feet and comes with a life of about 25 to 30 years, if installed & maintained properly.

Built-up Roof: This is easily the most traditional & economical out of the four. It includes 3 to 4 alternate layers of water & fire proofing material like fiber glass with layers of gravel & tar. The advantages of its cost effectiveness are compromised against its heavy & often ‘leaky’ nature.

Metal Flat-Seam Roof: They employ use of metal sheets (copper or steel) whose adjacent sides are folded over to create seams.

Modified Bitumen: It uses layers of polymer & asphalt. The modern peel-off systems are much easier to install.

Rubber membrane: It involves use of membranes (like EPDM) which is considerably resistant to light, leakages & heat.