Kitchen cleaningCooking is not an easy job as you think but do you know what is more difficult than cooking? It is cleaning your kitchen after you are done with cooking. After cooking there will be a greasy floor, piles of dishes, dirty cabinets and lot other minor things to clean. Cleaning your kitchen and all this mess after cooking is really difficult so to get rid of this mess one of the easiest ways of cleaning your kitchen is to have precautions at the initial stage only. Try and keep your kitchen clean while cooking only so that you don’t have to clean it at the end. However this is partially possible but not totally possible. If you want to have some ease in cleaning your kitchen, here are some of the tips which will help you make less mess and in turn make cleaning your kitchen bit less troublesome.

  • Use a garbage bowl

Now you must be thinking having a trash can in the kitchen why to use a garbage bowl. But trust me it is very effective to use a garbage bowl to make some less effort while cleaning your kitchen at the end if a garbage bowl is used.  Every single time whenever there is any garbage going to the trash can and dropping some of the things in the middle can make your kitchen more dirty and hence having a garbage bowl while cooking will keep your kitchen more cleaner and also save you some time. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you also keep some of the waste things on the kitchen counter itself which you have to clean at the end. Having a garbage bowl also saves you from cleaning that waste while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Match the size of your cutting board and cutting mat

It might have happened with you many times that when you have a big bulky cutting board, you chop the vegetables on that and try to slide down the chopped vegetables in the pan but the vegetables slide down on the floor because of the oversized cutting board. This will increase the mess and in turn increase the work of cleaning your kitchen. Thus it is advisable to have a cutting mat on your cutting board and instead of putting the whole cutting board you can just take the mat and put the chopped vegetables inside the pan without even a single piece falling outside.

  • Take trash can out of cupboard

While cooking, if you are going to use lots of boxed goods or canned goods then it is better to take the recycling bin or trash bin out of your cupboard and put it right beside you so that whenever you use any thing, you can throw it right away in that and don’t make the kitchen cabinets or floor dirty and in turn lessen up the task of cleaning your kitchen. Thus following this amll tips can lessen the huge task of cleaning your kitchen and keeping it neat and tidy.

how to remodel your kitchenManaging your routine life with the recognition of the home criteria too is considered to be something very difficult task which the home owner must take in to consideration. There are many important parts of your home which you need to take care of but remember one thing that the most complex part of your home which is considered to be the life of your home is the kitchen which is installed in your home. Taking proper care of your kitchen is considered to be core part of the maintenance because the food is going to be cooked from there. Just think that after coming from your work, you are preparing your food and you don’t get the things on their place than it is going to increase up your work right?

For this purpose it is very much necessary to go for remodeling your kitchen at your home. You might be thinking that remodeling your kitchen is considered to be a complex web of things which you must go for. But mark my words remodeling your kitchen is not that much tough as you are thinking of. Yes, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen like the budget of doing it, the cabinets, tools, materials which you are going to be required, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen.

How to remodel your kitchen

  • The first thing which the home owners must take in to account at the time of going for the remodeling of your kitchen in your home is the deciding of the budget. Decide for how much amount of your investment you want to spend but remember one thing you need to stick up with the budget which you have decided because it will help you in knowing for the exact expense which is going to take place.
  • At the time of remodeling your kitchen, you must get the ideas about the cost which you are going to take in to account. Break down the costing factors like the cost for cabinets, windows, chimney, electrical appliances, etc. which you are going to intake at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen. This will give you all sorts of ideas that which thing is considered to be taken first. And if you budget is being taking more than you can also delete one of the thing from the list or categories which is being decided.
  • After this now it is the time to go for making the remodeling list or the priorities which is considered to be taken first at the time of going for remodeling your kitchen. Make a list of the things which you need to comply first like installing cabinets, drawers which can help the home owners in getting their things easily in the kitchen. After this fixing it on its right place is the last step which you need to go for at the time of remodeling your kitchen.





Kitchen care, kitchenThe kitchen is the most important place in the house. The meal for the entire household is cooked in the kitchen as so, in way, the kitchen is the power house of the entire household. Therefore, it is very important that you keep the kitchen clean and neat and always in a condition that would make it a good atmosphere to work in. it is very important that you keep the area fresh smelling.

If you find that the area is smelling foul, you have to check your bins first. It is very important that the garbage bin has a proper lid. If it is kept open, it will spread a fouls smell. Then, it is absolutely important that you clean your garbage bin every day. Do not let stale garbage stay over a day in the kitchen as any cost. Make sure you have a good exhaust fan in the kitchen, try to keep the windows open most of the times.

Have you recently got a microwave and on the lookout of some cleaning tips? Surely, cleaning the microwave regularly is the first step towards its maintenance and the article below gets you with the essential cleaning techniques.

Firstly, fill up a big glass bowl with no less than 4 cups full of water. Then, add up two spoons of vinegar with it. You can even use lemon juice or vanilla essence (not more than 2 tea spoons). Now, place the glass bowl on your turntable (outer edge) and then microwave it for 20 minutes on high.

This would create a good steamy ambience inside that would clean up the oven eventually. Wait for 2 minutes as the oven stops and then take out your bowl with your gloves on. After that, take out everything of your microwave. Wipe it with a clean sponge with particular focus on the small cardboard squares inside. Lastly, before you replace your turntable after cleaning, pat it dry and then put it inside.

Remodeling a kitchen would have been quite an artistic job, had it been not regulated by so many limitations like budget, capacity & building codes. One should adhere to these so as to avoid any issues.

Space optimization is necessary as a kitchen is full of stuff – appliances, refrigerator & chimney systems, dining table & the cooking area. Use of designer yet economical cabinets & trolley systems will ensure that even the far-away corners are used up. Many suppliers provide customized solutions for kitchen units.

One must buy appliances which neatly fit into your picture – avoid buying bulky ones and those which you do not need at all. Most important, chalk out the existing & new electricity connection outputs so that you can according plan the locations for your appliances.

Arrange your dining zone in a place which is aesthetically pleasing. Make sure it is near a cabinet so that you have easy access to your crockery. Additional lighting system near your dining is also recommended.