When it comes to the security of your home, there are many ways by which you can now secure your home, thanks to advancement in technology. You can consider going for security screen doors which many contemporary and modern homes are option for these days. The great thing about security screen doors is that their price range varies widely. You can go for simple ones if you have a limited budget and get moderately good security screen doors.

These also come in various designs and types so that they don’t look boring in your beautiful home. Installation of these doors is also very easy and the good news is that some of these can be DIY installations too. You can go for grills outside or inside, if you want an added security system. All these can be done and the security alarm system can be attached to the door easily and everything can be set up accordingly.

Safety tips for backyard, backyard safetyIf you have kids and if you have a backyard then you must ensure that your backyard is safe. You must take care that every aspect of your backyard is safe for the little members of your family. There are certain things that you must keep in mind. Before planting anything in your backyard you must be sure that it is not poisonous and cannot harm anyone because kids have a habit of putting almost anything and everything in their curious mouths.

Ensure plants like poison ivy, poison oak, or Oleander, Lilly of the Valley, Hydrangea blooms, poison sumac etc. are not planted. You should regularly monitor the home playgrounds for loose screws, rusty metals to prevent unwanted falls and injury. You can use treated wood structures for your backyard. A wide range of these products are available for you to choose from. If you have pools and spas installed in your backyard ensure you have read the user manual very well and implemented all necessary equipments to keep your backyard safe and prevent it from harming your family and friends. Keep your backyard safe and fun filled.

There are three types in home alarm systems such as wired, wireless and hybrid which is mixture of both.

For installing, first, you should go through manual of your alarm system which you buy. You have the control panel which has keypads. This panel controls all components such as motion sensors, magnetic locks, glass breakers that are placed at doorways as well as windows.

Main control panel should be installed near electrical panel for easier power source route. The keypads should be installed near the primary entrance as well as exit doorways. Sensors and locks should be placed around your house. These should be connected to light source so that if something moves, these sensors get activated triggering light source for getting activated to illuminate the area. If wireless components are used you should secure these in place and insert a battery, then turn these on. Calibrate all components after configuring and testing.

To install your intruder alarm, first you should open the lid of battery compartment on intruder alarm; by loosening the screw using a jeweler’s screwdriver.

The appropriate kind as well as number of batteries should be inserted in battery compartment of intruder alarm. The lid should be closed and screws should be tightened.

Open your door slightly which is to be protected from intrusion. Place sensor end of your intruder alarm in the gap which is between the door bottom and floor. The door should be closed and it should be locked.

You should slide the selector of power button to “on” position so that it can detect when your door is opened — the intruder alarm make determines how the power gets turned on.

The intruder alarm should be turned off when it’s not required. The door should be opened and intruder alarm should be removed from the door bottom.

Master Lock should have a serial number located at its case for retrieving the lost combination of your lock.

Your Web browser should be opened to get official form for lost combination of Master Lock. You should take out a print of this form and fill it. This form should be notarized from a bank by paying fees which can be varying to prove that you own the master lock for which you want to retrieve the combination.

Your lock should be scanned by using copy machine. A copy should be made of serial number of your lock. On this paper copy you should write down serial number below the image of your lock.

Put the form for “Lost Combination” along with photocopy in an envelope. The envelope should be sealed and proper postage should be added. The envelope should be addressed to Master Lock Warehouse to get lost combination of your lock.

First the old lock should be removed. Remove mounting screws located on inner plate of earlier lock on each side of thumb toggle. Inner as well as outer halves of lock barrel should be pulled from the door. Screws in collar plate should be removed and bolt mechanism should be pulled from door, via hole at the door edge.

Fit the new lock bolt into the door hole at the door edge so that collar around lock bolt mechanism fits with the door edge. Install screws supplied via holes in bolt collar in door edge with a screwdriver.

You should fit inner as well as outer halves of lock via lock bolt mechanism. You should thread the mounting screws in holes at the inner side of lock half and in threaded pockets which are at the back side of outer half. The screws should be tightened with the help of a screwdriver.