If you have thought long about having a beautiful, customized gazebo on your property, consider constructing it yourself with the help of a gazebo kit. Installing a gazebo on your property can turn out to be expensive and give you limited options regarding size, building materials and finishing details. However, with the development and increasing easy availability of gazebo kits, all of these factors are flexible and the process is cheap, since you yourself are doing the labor.

Basics: Gazebo kits are available in various styles and prices, which allow you to customize your dream garden within your budget. Kits are available in two forms: unassembled parts to be put together by the buyer or pre-fabricated sections. In either form, the kit requires the buyer to have only a screw gun and a level. The buyer must be willing to put in manual labour and time.

Customization: One of the most engaging aspects of gazebo kits is their extremely high level of customization. You as a buyer can customize almost anything about your gazebo, from the style to the shape, the size to the material used and minute details involved too.
You can consider different styles ranging from spa gazebos and patio gazebos to traditional garden gazebos. From there, you can be specific about the size and shape you want your gazebo to have according to your desire.

The building material of a gazebo is one of its most visually apparent factors. These include wood, PVC vinyl, and metals. Woods that are mostly used for building gazebos are American redwood, pine and cedar. PVC vinyl and metals, like wrought iron and aluminium, can be specified as well for your gazebo. These are more expensive options than wood.

Lastly, you as a buyer can order different finishing details. For example, if your area has a lot of bugs, you can include windows, curtains or screens in your gazebo.

Clearly, if you can put in the time and labor, you can reap the benefits of a completely customizable gazebo for your dream house by using gazebo kits.

decorate your garden window, garden window decorChristmas is the time of the year where the whole house is decorated with lights and other decorative items. Decorating the garden window is also a great way of giving your home a great holiday look. Here are some five simple tips for you to decorate your garden window. One of the best ways is to use lights of different colours and sizes. These lights bring the holiday mood and make your room look brighter. You can also use some flowers for decorating your garden window as it gels in well with the garden flowers.

For decorating the garden window the use of some natural plants likes the creepers. They give your window a green authentic yet stylish look. The use of some of the bright colours also help in making your window look unique. The use of holiday themed decorative items makes your window ready for the holiday season. So follow these tips to make your window look good.

If you can get a garden fountain it will help to enhance the beauty of your garden and the value of your house at once. Fountains in the garden are considered to be symbols of aristocracy. According to Feng Shui, streaming water signifies prosperity. Therefore garden fountains are considered to bring prosperity to the owner of the house. Feng Shui also tells that water carries a positive energy that helps to bring in prosperity.

Garden fountains often elegantly designed and carved. Some fountains are seen to contain models of angels, fairies and other creatures that double up as sources of water. These kinds of sculptures are reminiscent of the Renaissance Era. A garden fountain usually forms the center piece of attraction in the garden and a source of water like a garden fountain acts as an oasis amidst the desert. That is why to get added prosperity and elegance you must get a garden fountain.


Your backyard can be a real delight, if you are ready to sweat a bit over those left over wooden planks. There are actually many exciting & easy wooden projects over which your family can spend quality time.

To start with, one can start creating wooden boxes of various sizes & shapes – assembling them with a little help from the paint box to create your backyard treasure. Going ahead, you can have a decorative garden obelix for your vines, or maybe a deck side-table for your beverages, or a similar one for your barbecue needs. Name or yard stakes are other easy options – carved out of large wooden sticks, they can be made of really whimsical shapes – a flower or any of the basic geometry shapes.

People with an experience in the technicalities can go ahead to build a deck water garden or a large bird house for those chirping guests.