furniture care tipsDoing up your home tastefully with good furniture is sure a great idea. Nevertheless your job doesn’t just end there. Without right care and maintenance, your furniture will lose its appeal no matter how good they are. So if you don’t want your hard earned money to go down the drains, then make sure you take care of your priced possessions well. If you are an absolute newcomer as far as taking care of your home, especially furniture is concerned, read on for effective tips to clean and take care of your home furniture.

Furniture care made easy:

Conditioning regularly: Sounds weird? But the fact is that pretty much like your hair and skin, you furniture needs conditioning and that to regularly be it leather or wood. Lots of good quality furniture conditioners are available in the market for different furniture types.

Termite attack: If your furniture is wooden then they will be pretty prone to termite attack. Make sure your wooden furniture is made termite proof by painting them with protective coatings to help them to last longer.

Pet Proof: Love your pets all you want but if having clean furniture is your primary concern then you have to keep them off your couch. Pets especially cats and dogs shed a lot, hence leading to dirty couches.

Heat Protection: Dehumidifiers and high heat can do away with the beauty of your furniture, fade it, causing discoloration. So make it a point that you don’t place hot cups or hot plates on it without a coaster to protect your furniture.

Don’t Shunt: If you want to move your furniture, lift it up and then move it. Shunting it can destroy all furniture be it your couches, bed or table.

Prevent Staining: If you prevent your furniture from staining, keep your nail polish, kid’s drink, hair dye etc away from your furniture.

Product Quality: Maintaining your furniture is a good idea but it is essential to use good quality maintenance products. Don’t compromise on quality just because the products are cheap.

Not always DIY: Sure DIY can be cost effective, nevertheless for heavy duty work, make sure you hire professional cleaners. They are absolute best at their jobs and will cater you your expectation.

Try to use fabric protection for all your fabric surfaces. These will make sure the fabric stays in good condition for longer.
Last but not the least, the backs and the arms of your chair are meant for the back and arm as the name suggest, not for your entire body. Sitting on them can make them prone to breakage. So strictly avoid.

Now that you have a good idea on how to maintain your furniture, get value for money spent by keeping them in goon condition for long.

dining table, home decor furnitureIf you are looking for a dining table for your home, you should be very careful about the design of the dining table. The design, pattern, texture and in short the total outlook of the dining table should go well with the interior of your home.

You can visit the nearest furniture shop to look for the most modern designed dining table. You can also search online the design of the dining table. You should first decide whether you are looking for a wooden dining table or a wrought iron dining table. They are available in various designs and sizes. You should get a dining depending on the number of members in your family.

The trend of taking too much intricately designed dining table has faded away owing to the difficulty maintaining that furniture. Instead people now prefer dining which are designed lightly. However various design patterns have in to being. In spite of the advent of various materials wood even today happens to be the favorite of many people.

Wicker furniture, Resin wicker furniturePeople are familiar with the regular or the traditional variety of the wicker furniture. It is a product that is completely natural and it is used for a number of different furniture. However, there is a synthetic side of this product and it is known as resin wicker. People have a tendency of keeping away from synthetic products but resin wicker is s good option. It could be a very good choice for outdoors or indoors of your house.

They can be perfect for your patio or your deck. There are certain advantages of resin wicker that you will not be able to get from the regular ones. They are resistant to rain, cold, heat and UV rays. Therefore, this is a material that will be ideal for outdoor furniture and construction. The resin wicker is also easy to clean and free of hassles when it comes to maintenance. Therefore, in a lot of cases, it could be advisable to go for resin wicker over regular wicker.

Are you planning to purchase some new wooden furniture for your home? Well, wooden furniture has unparalleled class and appeal and they look extremely elegant. And a really good thing about wood furniture is it is durable as well. However, you have to understand that you will need to keep in mind a few things when you purchase the wooden furniture. For starters, you will have to see that the furniture you get is made of solid wood. Check to ensure that the rough cover check is not ripped. This is important because at times veneers are made concurrently, giving the impression of solid wood.

The other factor that you will need to keep in mind while purchasing wooden furniture is the color. A big advantage of wooden furniture is you can modify the colors of the furniture to complement the décor of your rooms. Just make sure that you purchase your wooden furniture from reputed furniture stores.

White resin furniture, although highly durable and generally requiring little maintenance, can be difficult to clean. Permanently exposed to environmental conditions, mildew and other elements can cause discolouring.

Various ways of cleaning it will retain its glossy appearance.

Spraying it using a garden hose will remove loose dirt/ debris. It can then be scrubbed with a solution of warm water and dishwater powder (a cupful).

A bleach solution containing 3/4 of a cup of bleach and a tablespoon of a laundry detergent in 1 gallon of water removes tough stains (note that a small area should be tested – apply and leave for 5 minutes – to avoid further discolouring).

Vinegar mixed with a spoonful of baking soda is effective for removing mildew and mould. Rinse well after use and allow to air dry. Several thin coats of Krylon paint can be applied (following instructions carefully) if all else fails.

Baskets mounted on a wall are an attractive alternative to bookshelves. Several baskets of the same size and shape can be placed in a straight line or alternatively, an interesting (but still practical!) pattern can be arranged on the wall with baskets of varying shapes, colors or sizes.

As the weight of books could collapse the baskets on their own, additional support in shape of a board or boards, attached to the wall with L – shaped brackets is required. This can be done using one long board (wide enough to support the full diameter of the baskets) for a straight line or individual boards for each basket if arranged in a pattern. If the baskets vary in size, this may require boards of different widths, as there should be neither an overhang of basket on larger ones, nor a large amount of board sticking out from underneath smaller ones.

Pre – pack, or readymade, bookshelves can easily be customized for your personal use. Brackets can be exchanged either for more practical ones doubling up as bookends, or for more ornate brackets giving a much classier look. Replacement brackets should be the right size to fit the shelf without any overhang and should be secured to the shelf using 3/4″ screws to avoid splitting the wood.

They can then be painted to match the color and design of the room.

Shelf edges can also be laminated. Strips of laminate – available in many colors and wood finishes – should be cut slightly longer than the shelf. After the glue has been applied and allowed to dry to touch, the strip is aligned to the shelf, pressed on with a laminate roller and cut flush to the sides of the shelf with a laminate trimmer, resulting in a professional looking finish.