Futon coversThe specialty and uniqueness of Futon covers is that they are made up of certain fabrics which are supreme in quality. These are quite expensive and need to be kept cleaned to increase their durability. At least once a month you need to wash them with soap and warm water. Use a sponge to clean the covers thoroughly. While cleaning you should avoid oils, corrosive cleaners, saddle soap and use of products which are acidic in nature.

Do not dry the Futon covers under the direct rays of the sun as it will cause damage to it. You may witness the Futon covers fading if you dry them under the sunlight. Use cotton coverings to store the Futon covers when they are not used. Keep changing the covers regularly. Using one set of Futon covers for a long period of time would result in the Futon covers durability factor decreasing with time.

Mending a tear in that favorite leather jacket can be done easily without requiring the help of a professional, using nothing but leather glue, a little canvas or scrap leather and a utility knife. Leather dye or tinted shoe polish may also be used, but are optional.

To start, examine the tear and if it is clean cut, pull the edges together and, using leather glue applied on the back, attach a piece of canvas slightly larger than the tear. Apply more glue to the top of the canvas and let it dry.

For a frayed tear, remove the frayed edges, apply glue to the front edges of a piece of scrap leather (the texture should be similar to that of the item requiring repair) larger than the resulting hole and stick it over the back of the hole. Once dried, dye the patch to match the color, if necessary.

Gossamer, a sheer, lightweight fabric, can be decorated to create many different looks. All you need is some of the fabric (available in sheets or rolls), spray paint, glitter fabric spray, glue, small ornaments, plastic ivy and/ or some twinkle lights.

Stretch the gossamer out on some newspaper (outdoors!) and add an accent color with spray paint. Randomly fold or pleat the fabric to create interesting patterns. Add further coats of paint to create depth and/ or add glitter spray. Allow each coat to dry.

Glue on ornaments (spaced 10″ – 12″ apart) matching the theme of the room/ party (for instance stars, planets and rockets for a space theme).

Use artificial ivy or vines wrapped in a layer of gossamer to decorate doorways/ arches, or wrap twinkle lights in a couple of layers of the fabric to add atmospheric lighting to rooms by lining window frames and other structural features.