wallpaper, wall paintNowadays, it is no longer enough to just own a home but it has to be decorated just right and have that certain individualistic touch which sets it apart and makes it unique. So the next thing after buying is not the furniture and fittings but the walls. Possibly one of the first decisions the homemaker has to deal with is “paint or wallpaper?” As with any other important decision, there is no universal right or wrong answer and each and every case has to be dealt with on its own merits. There are many factors to be considered including cost, longevity, maintenance, repair and appearance.


To the budget conscious the cost is the deciding factor and there is sadly no clear answer as there are multiple options on both fronts. There is a wide range of paints as well as wallpapers with rates to suit every pocket. The important thing to remember is that expensive is not always best and cheap means you should keep your eyes wide open. In the end you should go with your heart because you are going to be living with your decision 24 X 7.

Are you planning to paint your home? Choosing the right color can be a difficult decision. Suitable color can bring the life and feel of a particular room. Here are some simple guidelines that you should consider before choosing the color of a particular room:

• Go through the sample colors and then paint the selected colors in small swaths on your wall, lined next to each other. Observe this throughout the day so that you can determine how it looks under different lighting conditions.
• Choose the color that reflects your sense of style and personality.
• The color of the room should also match and compliment the furnishings of the room.
If you are looking for relaxed environment then you can choose light pastel colors and if you want to give a bolder look then try out dark shades and a mix of different colors in the same room.

Interior designers suggest some specific colors as ideal colors suitable for your bedroom.


Blue is it ideal color for bedrooms as it has calming effect. This color can vary from dark shades like navy-blue to light shads like green-blue.


Gray is favorite color for interior designers and homeowners as it gives fresh and modern look to your home. It gives modern and crisp feeling to your bedroom and pairs well with glass and metal.


Red color gives your bedroom more energized feel and may help for improving your mood. If an all-red colored bedroom feels too overbearing, you can try pairing with a neutral palette for balancing it out.


If you like white and want a smooth, soft feel, then go for cream color. Creams look best with a flat finish as compared to a glossy shine. Creams can open up space to give breezier feeling.