Shower CurtainsBathrooms are generally small in size when compared to the other rooms in the house. As these are small in size, decorating them becomes absolutely difficult and often confusing. Shower curtains are used so that water from the shower or tub area does not get splashed over all the other parts of the bathroom. They are also used today for the special purpose of making the bathroom look beautiful and pretty. This article will help you buy the best shower curtains for your bathroom.

Firstly, keep in mind all the decoration that you have already used in your bathroom. Decide whether you want to create a new theme in the bathroom using the shower curtain or you want to continue with the theme that has been already created in the bathroom with other accessories. You can even contrast the color of the bathroom with the color of the shower curtain you select for your bathroom.

To ensure that you pick the shower curtain that perfectly covers the shower area, measure the area properly and note down the measurements. Decide whether you want shower curtains at affordable prices or you want to buy the expensive ones. Select the material of the shower curtain judiciously so that the curtain is long lasting and durable.

It is always advised that you should visit different shops and check out a variety of shower curtains before you selecting any one from among the many you have reviewed. You can shop for the shower curtains from online stores as you will get different types of shower curtains at reasonable prices. The local home improvement shops can also be a good source of shower curtains. If you want expensive and luxurious shower curtains for your bathroom then contact an interior designer.

Hope these tips help you select the right shower curtains for your bathroom.

Bathroom TilesBathroom is one place which should be one of the cleanest areas of the house. But on the contrary it turns out to be the opposite. Therefore it is very important to ensure regular cleaning of the bathroom to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Most of the times while cleaning; people tend to focus on the cupboards, curtains, toilets and taps of the bathroom. Equal importance should be given to the cleaning of tiles. If the tiles are not cleaned, then with time moss, mildew, scum, grime and germs could make a permanent home on the tiles. So the question now is that how the tiles should be cleaned?

You do not have to make any extra expenses for the cleaning. With the stuff available in the house, you can ensure good cleaning of tiles. Some of the items that you can use are vinegar, salt, baking soda and lemon juice. With a little scrubbing, these items are going to give you clean, squeaky tiles in no time.

Bathroom Mirror, Bathroom Mirror designBathroom is a very important part of your home and mirror is one of the most important accessories that are required in the bathroom. But prior to the purchase of the bathroom mirror, you must take into consideration about few things so that you get the best mirror for your bathroom. The quality of the glass used in the mirror of your bathroom should be good enough. Since the mirror will be used in the bathroom, there is high chance that the glass will be exposed to water. If inferior quality of glass is used, then frequent exposure to water will cause damage of the glass.

Mirrors are available in various designs and patterns. Some mirrors have got designs etched on the surface of the glass of the mirror. While some other mirrors are designed in more stylish way by the use of colorful glass. You should select such a mirror which fits the interiors of your bathroom as usual.

Bathroom accessories, bathroomA bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home and it is very essential that you properly accessorize and decorate it just like you decorate any other parts of your home. With the use of a little creativity you can achieve a sufficiently pleasing décor in your bathroom which is likely to complement very well with the décor of the remaining parts of your home.

Various types of accessories play a vital role in the décor and usefulness of the bathroom and boost its vitality in quite a considerable way. There are various types of accessories that can go well with the décor of your bathroom and can prove to be very beneficial for you. Thus it is very necessary that you be very careful in choosing the correct accessories for your bathroom. Some of the accessories that can prove useful for your bathroom include that of bath towels, fixtures, soap holders, soap dispensers and more.

If one is planning to remodel one’s bathroom but is on a very tight shoe string budget, common notion is that he/she does not have many options. However, that is not the truth. There are many ways in which one can remodel his/her bathroom without spending much money. Several low cost solutions are there that can turn an old and drab bathroom into a contemporary modern looking one.

First one should start with the tub area as it is the centerpiece of one’s bathroom. Old tubs need to be changed as a stained tub really looks bad. Next one must look into the tiles installed in the bathroom. These often get yellowed with time and needs to be re-polished after sometime. The sink and the vanity area are also worth looking into for any repairs or maintenance that might be needed. The flooring is the last thing one must think about changing as this is a very costly affair.

Space crunch seems to be the biggest problem whenever it comes to designing or re-modeling bathrooms and especially if there are new equipments to be installed in a pre-existing space.

A bathtub is a must whenever you think of a prefect bathroom, but it sure does take up a lot of space especially when it is a small bathroom.

The first advice to tackle this problem would be to choose a shaped bathtub rather than going for a round or an oval one. It should fit into one end of the wall. This would take minimal space. Also, the shower heads and nozzles are to be fitted so as to provide water supply within the tub and not take up any additional space.

Choose a bathtub that has some built-in space to store soap, loofah and bath salt. Also, a light colored tub and ceramic tiles would make your bathroom look more spacious than it is. You could use mirrors to create the feeling of more space.

There are many ways of incorporating animal prints within bathroom decor. For a bold look, walls could be papered top to bottom with prints such as leopard, giraffe, zebra or various mixed prints. A border around the top or maybe the bottom of walls will be less intrusive, or alternatively just one wall could be highlighted in the print.

Another option is to paint or stencil stripes or spots onto the walls. A subtle look is achieved by painting walls in a neutral color complementing the chosen print in the rest of the decor.

Animal photographs, African – themed art or animal print plates on walls or shelves add to the theme.

Accessories such as rugs, shower curtains, toweling, waste baskets, cups and toothbrush, tissue and toilet brush holders are all available in animal prints.

Small rolled up hand towels placed in a basket look great and are handy for visitors.