bedroom hueThere are three basic ways in which colours behave – active, passive and neutral. Light colours can make the room look larger and brighter while dark colours give the room an appearance of sophistication and warmth. Blue is said to have a calming and relaxing effect and is highly recommended for bedrooms. After a hard day’s work you look forward to the peace and calm of the bedroom. As blue is the colour of the sky it soothes your senses and brings comfort to the eyes at the same time relaxes your mind. There are many shades of blue like greenish blue and brownish blue which you can combine with the furnishings to do away with the just boring blue.

Yellow is another colour which is recommended for the bedroom as it projects sunlight and will bring brightness to your room. However for a calming effect a lighter shade like warm honey yellow or soft butterfly shade of yellow should be used as bright yellow tend to create a feeling of frustration and anger.

Green is another highly recommended colour for the bedroom. Green represents nature so it is suited for any room in the house. Green calms the nerves and relieves stress by helping us to relax so green walls are very welcoming when you are tired and need rest. As it is believed to help in fertility green becomes the unmatched colour for the bedroom. Pastel shades of green would be best suited as compared to bright green for the bedroom.

Another very sophisticated bedroom colour would be violet. It is a dark colour so it should be used with a lighter backdrop; white seems like the best option. Violet is luxurious and creative. Is it also a very dramatic and rich colour which is why it should be used with lighter backdrop. That gives an effect.

Laminated GlassHome security concerns have assumed great importance today because crimes such as theft or burglary are increasing at a tremendous pace. You must have installed a top-notch security system in your house. But you can secure your house in a more effective way by utilizing laminated glass for your windows. Windows are most commonly used by burglars or thieves to enter homes. Thus it will be best if you could use laminated glass on your windows to secure them appropriately.

Laminated glasses are very tough. If any burglar wants to enter your home then he/she has to beat the laminated glass many times in order to break it. Normally, the burglar will not try hitting laminated glass windows again and again and will move on to some other place to avoid getting caught. You can even utilize a lock to secure the laminated glass window efficiently so that the thief will find it impossible to enter your house.

The sealing of the laminated glass has to be secured appropriately so that the burglar cannot remove the glass from the window and enter your house conveniently. You must sit down and plan out ways to protect your house with the help of the laminated glass. First check which windows in your home can be easily accessed by any unauthorized person and then use the laminated glass on those windows only.

If your budget permits then you can install laminated glass on all the windows in your homes because this glass is a little expensive. But at least install laminated glass on windows which can be more vulnerable to the attacks of a burglar or thief. Once the laminated glasses are installed in most of the windows in your house, you will not have to worry about the safety of your home because your valuables and the entire home will be protected effectively.

marble floor maintenanceMarble floor adds on the much needed elegance and glamour in your home. The very stone looks really classy and is a perfect fit for any kind of décor-be it contemporary or vintage. Besides, marble is available in different colors and patterns which make it easier for you to choose the right color of marble complementing with your existing décor. Moreover, marble flooring is extremely durable which is another factor behind its high-end popularity is since the by-gone era. However you must know that marble flooring demands proper maintenance to ensure its luster and longevity. The post below is a short discussion on marble floor maintenance.

First of all, you should know that marble is vulnerable to scratches common from regular dirt & dust deposition. Thus, you have to follow a cleaning regime daily to confirm the floor is free from dirt and dust. Use a fine bristled brush to assure a gentle sweep that should be followed by a thorough mop. You have to be very careful with marble cleaners and have to focus on marble exclusive cleaners only. The cleaner you choose should be acid free ad contain neutral pH. Regular floor cleaners for ceramic tiles are a strict no here as these can damage the marble.

Then, it’s advised that you lift up the furnishing while moving them across the floor. Dragging heavy tables and chairs would leave on scratches on the beautiful marble surface. Never walk on marble floor with shoes on, especially high heels. Place a shoe rack at the door side where your guests can keep their shoes before stepping into your room. Also, place a door mat so that the guests can rub their feet there while stepping on the floor. Then, remember that an unsealed marble floor is more susceptible to scratches. Hence it’s required to get your marble flooring professionally sealed.