patio decorYour patio is your beloved home extension where you can spend your leisure time with family or plan the weekend parties with close friends. It’s a really useful extension, provided you care well. If you too have a patio and you want to relish it at its best, make sure you maintain it in tip top condition. The article here provides some tips on how to decorate and maintain your patio to assure the perfect welcoming feel.

Patio decoration

You can liven up your patio space with colorful potted plants. Flowers always assure a fresh and fragrant ambience around. Then, you should also arrange for patio furniture- a small coffee table and four chairs are enough for your patio set. It’s good if you can put up an umbrella over the furniture to protect your patio moments from sudden downpour. Many homeowners prefer to fix up a swing in the patio area- it’s always lovely to sway around on a breezy fall or spring afternoon.

Patio maintenance

You must always keep you patio clean & decluttered. The patio is usually used as the dumping zone for left-overs, tools and bikes. If you want a functional home extension you have to be very serious with the patio clean-up. Some of the smart homeowners arrange for a shaded area inside the patio to store their tools and bikes, ensuring a dapper feel for the rest of the patio. You should also be careful about the nasty weed growth in the patio. The patio cracks are often the hub of weeds ranging from the small to larger bushy ones. Make sure to kill off any weed growth you find immediately. One can take to a good weed killer here but avoid using it on windy days. Then you must scrub the patio regularly to ward off any existence of algae or moss.