bedroom decor, bedroomA geek chic can be defined as those people who are obsessed with knowledge, passionate about uncommon knowledges and interests, and have a great love for technology gadgets. Geek chic kind of decoration is getting popular these days. Any room can be made to look like a geek chic, this article will focus on how making the bedroom look like a geek chic.

• You can choose to have dark colors for wall paint.
• Hang some old looking fancy chandelier in your bedroom.
• Try hanging some odd looking paintings or art, wallpapers with a totally different form of framing technique.
• Place some ancient medium sized figurines.
• Your pillow covers should have some abstract art or designs.
• For storing your clutter, use a vintage looking locker.
• Some prefer to use sign boards made of wood in their rooms.
• An old wooden globe with brass stand can add the geek chic look to it.
• Do not overdo any of the decorating work in the room.

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