house with VastuBy the proper implementation of the Vastu, you will be able to stay away from the energies that are negative and bring prosperity to your house. The knowledge of the Vastu deals with the arrangement of things of the house so that the condition of lives is improved. According to the Vastu, the bedroom of the house is a very important part of the house. You should always sleep towards the side that faces south.

The bedroom has to be painted with tones of color that are light as light rose, sea green or blue. The amount of natural light entering your house has to be increased. The house has to be kept illuminated all the time except when you are sleeping. The house could be decorated with centerpieces and showpieces that are made of crystal. The house should be freed from clutter as it attracts negative energy according to the knowledge of Vatsu.

Tips to decorate home with lights, home decorA lot of planning and detailing is done on the designs, colors and styles while making a room or a house. It is little known that the lighting effects can change the complete look of the place and bring the required ambience with proper lighting. Therefore today lighting is considered as a decorative accessory. Lighting is done in order to make definite use of the place like a reading corner in the house and it is also used to create the perfect environment.

Dim lighting is used to give a cosy and relaxed look to the place whereas bright light is used for the activity area or the living room in the house. There are rooms where you can plan to use the natural light. Bright sunlight is the best form of lighting and again the sunset light can give that mushy feel to the room. It is a wise plan to use the natural light rather than artificial light.

Home decor tips, home decorWho says that you need to spend to spend a huge amount of money behind décor to make your house look chic and elegant? Provided you have the taste of art and a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can get perfect items to decorate your house under 50$. Here is a list of few things that you can use to decorate your house and at the same time, not burn a hole in your pocket.

Putting up a retro style round clock on the wall is a good way to give your house a different kind of flair and charm. Light plays a big factor whilst decorating a house and putting up geometric shaped lanterns made of wire can give the impression of innovativeness and they look good as well. An empty coffee table does not look good and hence to fill up the void, there are these beautiful and amazing looking Hue vases which look great whether empty or not and the best part is that all these décor items are extremely cheap and durable.

nursery decor, circus decorYou can start by painting the walls in a shade of pale yellow like butter. By selecting such a color, you will get a backdrop that is subdued as compared to the other rooms of bright color keeping the décor of the room as it is at the same time. When you paint the walls with such a mellow yellow, you leave a lot of room for decoration and you can opt for many themes. You can also repaint the walls without much of a problem if you have a coat of light shade.

Now, you can keep ribbon like materials that are red in color hanging from the top over a certain central feature of the room, which could be a bed or a table. These materials will drape down from the walls of the ceiling and give it a funny circus feel to the room. You can ornament the room with mural paintings that would go perfectly with the décor. Buy expressive curtains for the windows that would go well with the red drapes form the ceiling. Clings of windows of different shapes of animals would give an appearance of the illusions that are used in a circus.

wallpaper, wall paintNowadays, it is no longer enough to just own a home but it has to be decorated just right and have that certain individualistic touch which sets it apart and makes it unique. So the next thing after buying is not the furniture and fittings but the walls. Possibly one of the first decisions the homemaker has to deal with is “paint or wallpaper?” As with any other important decision, there is no universal right or wrong answer and each and every case has to be dealt with on its own merits. There are many factors to be considered including cost, longevity, maintenance, repair and appearance.


To the budget conscious the cost is the deciding factor and there is sadly no clear answer as there are multiple options on both fronts. There is a wide range of paints as well as wallpapers with rates to suit every pocket. The important thing to remember is that expensive is not always best and cheap means you should keep your eyes wide open. In the end you should go with your heart because you are going to be living with your decision 24 X 7.