bedroom color, bedroom decorAre you not happy with the size of the bedroom in your new home? Well, do not despair. You can change the apparent size of your bedroom with the right use of colors. Here is some help. If you have a small bedroom you can use cool colors like white, green and blue to make the room appear bigger. For expanding the bedroom visually, you can use pastel shades. If you want to make the ceiling of the bedroom appear higher, you can paint the ceiling in lighter hues. Light color carpeting can also make the bedroom look bigger.

If you think that your bedroom is too big, you can make it appear smaller by using warm colors like yellow, orange and red. To lower the ceiling of the bedroom you should paint it a shade lighter than that on the wall. To shorten the length of the room, the farthest wall needs to be painted with a darker color than the rest of the walls.

Futon coversThe specialty and uniqueness of Futon covers is that they are made up of certain fabrics which are supreme in quality. These are quite expensive and need to be kept cleaned to increase their durability. At least once a month you need to wash them with soap and warm water. Use a sponge to clean the covers thoroughly. While cleaning you should avoid oils, corrosive cleaners, saddle soap and use of products which are acidic in nature.

Do not dry the Futon covers under the direct rays of the sun as it will cause damage to it. You may witness the Futon covers fading if you dry them under the sunlight. Use cotton coverings to store the Futon covers when they are not used. Keep changing the covers regularly. Using one set of Futon covers for a long period of time would result in the Futon covers durability factor decreasing with time.

home décor, home décor tipsSimplicity is often the key to a healthy lifestyle and it all starts from where you live. A simple home with all the basic necessities is preferred more over a house with all the high tech equipments and no breathing space. A country look in a house gives one the feeling of a simpler time when there was no craving for luxury or no competition regarding whose house is better looking.

One can reflect his country’s tradition and culture from various wall hangings depicting its cultural background. Also chandeliers and country themed curtains will work wonders and will present to your guests and friends the cultural heritage of your country and the aura of its civilization. You can also go for the hanging signs that will look very elegant and elevate the ambience of your house giving it a country feel. Wooden chandeliers can be tagged as the most sophisticated piece of décor which also represents the traditions of your homeland.

decorate your garden window, garden window decorChristmas is the time of the year where the whole house is decorated with lights and other decorative items. Decorating the garden window is also a great way of giving your home a great holiday look. Here are some five simple tips for you to decorate your garden window. One of the best ways is to use lights of different colours and sizes. These lights bring the holiday mood and make your room look brighter. You can also use some flowers for decorating your garden window as it gels in well with the garden flowers.

For decorating the garden window the use of some natural plants likes the creepers. They give your window a green authentic yet stylish look. The use of some of the bright colours also help in making your window look unique. The use of holiday themed decorative items makes your window ready for the holiday season. So follow these tips to make your window look good.