Old photographs and photo frames are things that have been handed down to us by our past generations. Pictures that we loved when we were kids no longer amuse us once we have grown up and the outdated photo frames are no longer a match with our modern home decors. Then what to do with these old photo frames? There are many things that the artistic and innovative mind will find.

The old photo frames can be used to frame trays. These trays can be served to serve tea to guests, especially among those who have a love for vintage and old things. These old photo frames can be used to frame calendars and old photo albums, especially those which have old memories stored in them. You can also use these photo frames to create a collage of old pictures and frames that would add a different glamour to your house, something that everyone will notice and admire.

Glassware depicts an immense amount of sophistication and is very elegant to look at. But most people hesitate a lot bringing out expensive glasses when guests or relatives come over because it takes a great deal of patience and care to take care of the glass wares after one is done using it. On top of that if there is a mischievous kid in the house you never know whether you will see your favorite glassware in one piece again or not.

But with these tips you will be able to take care of your glassware with perfect ease and comfort. Do not pick up more than one glass ware at a time and avoid making contact with the plate with any other utensils. Do not fill the glassware which has just come out of dishwashers with cold water or ices. To dry glassware use an old newspaper quickly (minimum two day old) and never a new newspaper.

Keeping your kid’s room neat and clean is very essential in order to keep it germ free. Kids have a lot to learn the importance of cleanliness and hygiene from the parents. Always use sanitary detergents to keep the room clean. It’s important to have the bed sheets changed frequently depending on the rate of bed wetting by babies. Also, keeping all the accessories, clothes, toys etc. in their respective places in proper fashion is important to maintain tidiness and thereby the kids learn to be organized. The idea of keeping the room tidy grows in the kid.

Leaving the room dirty is extremely unsanitary for kids since they’re prone to diseases at a younger age. Also, if possible you should wipe the furniture set and every nook and corner of the room where your kid can enter.  Changing and washing their clothes on a regular basis is also important to keep the room neat and tidy.

You can give your ordinary looking room a completely new and fresh look with only a bunch of flower. But if you learn a couple of techniques about how to arrange your flowers in your living rooms then you can really mesmerize your guests with it. First of all you must clean your bowl or vase in which you will set your flowers. Put some foam on to the water to let it get into the water slowly. Cut the leaves and shrubs that are attached to the lower portion of the stem so that it can reach into the water.

Set a single flower right in the middle of the arrangement and then keep on adding single roses or bundles around it. You can add a few flowers in clusters bordering the main flower and thus can make your vase look complete. So now follow this idea and make a gorgeous flower arrangement in your living room.