If one is planning to remodel one’s bathroom but is on a very tight shoe string budget, common notion is that he/she does not have many options. However, that is not the truth. There are many ways in which one can remodel his/her bathroom without spending much money. Several low cost solutions are there that can turn an old and drab bathroom into a contemporary modern looking one.

First one should start with the tub area as it is the centerpiece of one’s bathroom. Old tubs need to be changed as a stained tub really looks bad. Next one must look into the tiles installed in the bathroom. These often get yellowed with time and needs to be re-polished after sometime. The sink and the vanity area are also worth looking into for any repairs or maintenance that might be needed. The flooring is the last thing one must think about changing as this is a very costly affair.

If you can get a garden fountain it will help to enhance the beauty of your garden and the value of your house at once. Fountains in the garden are considered to be symbols of aristocracy. According to Feng Shui, streaming water signifies prosperity. Therefore garden fountains are considered to bring prosperity to the owner of the house. Feng Shui also tells that water carries a positive energy that helps to bring in prosperity.

Garden fountains often elegantly designed and carved. Some fountains are seen to contain models of angels, fairies and other creatures that double up as sources of water. These kinds of sculptures are reminiscent of the Renaissance Era. A garden fountain usually forms the center piece of attraction in the garden and a source of water like a garden fountain acts as an oasis amidst the desert. That is why to get added prosperity and elegance you must get a garden fountain.