Moroccan décor is very appealing because of its vibrant colors and style. It will definitely enhance the beauty of your house and give an entirely different image. Once you are done with the basic décor, you will need to accessorize your home. There are many options when it comes to choosing from the accessories.

• Mirrors are a very significant aspect of the décor. According to your preference and budget, you can go for different mirrors which include the intricately designed ones as well as the simple ones.
• The vases will give a very Moroccan feel to your home. So don’t forget to add them
• The Moroccan table tops are very famous; they come with a mosaic layer and are very peculiarly designed. You can further decorate them with lamps or vases.
• Room dividers are next on the list; with their function to provide privacy they also add beauty to the room. You can add lamps to these dividers to make it more appealing.