Flat roofs are generally the preferred ones in regions of moderate to high temperatures. Roofing is a job, which is more skilled than it often looks. One has the option of installing one of the four roofing systems available in the market. Each is priced at around $300 per 100 square feet and comes with a life of about 25 to 30 years, if installed & maintained properly.

Built-up Roof: This is easily the most traditional & economical out of the four. It includes 3 to 4 alternate layers of water & fire proofing material like fiber glass with layers of gravel & tar. The advantages of its cost effectiveness are compromised against its heavy & often ‘leaky’ nature.

Metal Flat-Seam Roof: They employ use of metal sheets (copper or steel) whose adjacent sides are folded over to create seams.

Modified Bitumen: It uses layers of polymer & asphalt. The modern peel-off systems are much easier to install.

Rubber membrane: It involves use of membranes (like EPDM) which is considerably resistant to light, leakages & heat.