Realizing the upcoming end of the conventional sources of power, the world has focused its attention to the renewable sources of energy. Take solar power for instance – it is clean, it is available in abundance and most importantly – we have the technology to harness at least 20 – 25 % of the incident radiation.

Contrary to the old-age silicon (PV) panels, today’s CIGS alloy panels have quite a promising future, especially considering the increased absorbance & transmittance. The changes in conformation & uses of mirrors have increased the amount of incident radiation & its concentration. Also, researches have revealed many materials, coatings of which decrease the reflection & facilitate the transmission many fold.

Today, domestic solar installations can lighten up your house & your lawns, power up your water heating and air conditioning system, your appliances & your security systems. In future, it promises to overcome its existing shortcomings to rise as the power source for the future.