Ivy may be a jewel on their compound walls for some, but many consider it as a taboo for theirs. Worse, after it gets old and dry, it needs to be replenished with fresh plantations. Also, Ivy invites a horde of insects (some of which may be devastating) and a multitude of fungi. Hence it becomes important to clean them from your bricks.

When it comes to clean ivy without compromising much on the consequences of your bricks, it is always better to opt in for the good-old methods. First, pull out all possible vines, even those sticking inside the mortar. Next, take a wooden or plastic scraper to remove any remaining stems or roots. Next comes a scrubber for removing dry twigs & root remnants, this being a much softer activity than its predecessor. But do ensure that it is the ivy that is coming off & not the bricks or the mortar. Some people also prefer using propane torch gun to blaze down remaining ivy.