Clean and organize basementBefore you start up with the project of cleaning and organizing your basement, you must decide as to what you want to use your basement space for. There are plenty of ways to use your basement space for like making it a media room or making it a kid’s play room or making it a home office or making it a extra storage space. You can also make your basement your bedroom if you clean and organize your basement in a proper manner. Now you have decided what you want to do with your basement and how you are going to use, get rid of all the extra things which are not contributing at all in making your basement the place you thought. Get a proper vision as to how you can want your basement to look like and clean and organize your basement according to that.

The next step to clean and organize your basement is to declutter your basement. You might have thought many times about decluttering your basement but you would never have done it but this is the right time when you are on the project to clean and organize your basement. Basement is not a place where things go in and never come back and die there. Thus get rid of the every useless thing you don’t need to make your basement a nice place. You can either get rid of those items which are not needed in the basement or you can consider relocating them and put them where they actually belong. Make a good deep decluttering. Check out all the drawers and go through all the shelves and remove each and every extra item while you are on the project to clean and organize your basement.

Now when you are done decluttering your basement while you are working to clean and organize your basement, it’s time to deep clean your basement. A messy space is always very problematic to clean as compared to a clean space and basement is obviously one that most messy space in your whole home. Start to clean and organize your basement by cleaning your ceiling. There will be long cobwebs hanging around on the ceiling which should be cleaned properly. Clean your ceiling and then jump on to the walls and then clean them too. After that, clean all the light fixtures and all the storage space of your basement. You can also consider washing down your walls if needed. Dust the entire surface again and remove all the dirt and dust from there. Clean the windows and if necessary wash them while you are working on to clean and organize your basement.

Now when, all the cleaning part is done, it’s now the time to organize your basement. Take all the stuff out from basement and then divide them in sections. Put them back in well and organized manner. Label the things with their name so that you can find them whenever you want.

Remodeling your HomeUnderstand one thing, while going for remodeling your home there are certain things which you must not go for because it can be considered to be affecting your process of remodeling your home which you have thought of. And don’t think that you will never come across having the features of remodeling your home, but the facts says that it is considered to be important and this phase will help you in making even more of the stronger decision which are considered to be in the benefits of your home and the home owners too. But there are certain things which are considered to be restricted which the home owners must avoid while going for remodeling your home because it may cause more of the damaging effects for you.

This article will help you in getting the information about the things which are considered to be restricted while going for remodeling your home. so not thinking about it much and lets go for the further things which you must avoid while going for remodeling your home like not assuming that the remodeling work will get over in a day, not inviting up on the friends who do not have any experience in this field, etc. and many more of the concepts which are considered to be important which the home owners must definitely not go for trying it up at your home at the time of going for remodeling your home.

Restricted not to do things while remodeling your home

  • Well, as stated there are many things which can be considered to be harmful for you while complying with the process of remodeling your home and which is further discussed too. Firstly you must not go for assuming that you know each and every thing in the matters of going for remodeling which is considered to be wrong. Don’t hesitate of taking the help of the professional if you are facing with any of the problems because they have better more knowledge of the things. Keep that in mind that remodeling your home project is not considered being an easy thing, you need to take in to account many of the things which you have not even planned of.
  • Do not think that the budget which you have planned for is considered to be the final budget. Not the facts say something else. Many times we have observed that the budget which we have decided for is not as per the cost which is going to incur. So it is considered not to be giving much of the importance of the budget which you have decided for because it is going to increase or decrease, which depends up on the costing factors which are going to be incurred.
  • If you are not having the knowledge of it and still you are thinking that you can easily comply with the remodeling your home than you are thinking in a wrong manner. Hiring a contractor will help you up in solving with the things which you are facing while going for the process at your home.

Kitchen cleaningCooking is not an easy job as you think but do you know what is more difficult than cooking? It is cleaning your kitchen after you are done with cooking. After cooking there will be a greasy floor, piles of dishes, dirty cabinets and lot other minor things to clean. Cleaning your kitchen and all this mess after cooking is really difficult so to get rid of this mess one of the easiest ways of cleaning your kitchen is to have precautions at the initial stage only. Try and keep your kitchen clean while cooking only so that you don’t have to clean it at the end. However this is partially possible but not totally possible. If you want to have some ease in cleaning your kitchen, here are some of the tips which will help you make less mess and in turn make cleaning your kitchen bit less troublesome.

  • Use a garbage bowl

Now you must be thinking having a trash can in the kitchen why to use a garbage bowl. But trust me it is very effective to use a garbage bowl to make some less effort while cleaning your kitchen at the end if a garbage bowl is used.  Every single time whenever there is any garbage going to the trash can and dropping some of the things in the middle can make your kitchen more dirty and hence having a garbage bowl while cooking will keep your kitchen more cleaner and also save you some time. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you also keep some of the waste things on the kitchen counter itself which you have to clean at the end. Having a garbage bowl also saves you from cleaning that waste while cleaning your kitchen.

  • Match the size of your cutting board and cutting mat

It might have happened with you many times that when you have a big bulky cutting board, you chop the vegetables on that and try to slide down the chopped vegetables in the pan but the vegetables slide down on the floor because of the oversized cutting board. This will increase the mess and in turn increase the work of cleaning your kitchen. Thus it is advisable to have a cutting mat on your cutting board and instead of putting the whole cutting board you can just take the mat and put the chopped vegetables inside the pan without even a single piece falling outside.

  • Take trash can out of cupboard

While cooking, if you are going to use lots of boxed goods or canned goods then it is better to take the recycling bin or trash bin out of your cupboard and put it right beside you so that whenever you use any thing, you can throw it right away in that and don’t make the kitchen cabinets or floor dirty and in turn lessen up the task of cleaning your kitchen. Thus following this amll tips can lessen the huge task of cleaning your kitchen and keeping it neat and tidy.

how to remodel your kitchenManaging your routine life with the recognition of the home criteria too is considered to be something very difficult task which the home owner must take in to consideration. There are many important parts of your home which you need to take care of but remember one thing that the most complex part of your home which is considered to be the life of your home is the kitchen which is installed in your home. Taking proper care of your kitchen is considered to be core part of the maintenance because the food is going to be cooked from there. Just think that after coming from your work, you are preparing your food and you don’t get the things on their place than it is going to increase up your work right?

For this purpose it is very much necessary to go for remodeling your kitchen at your home. You might be thinking that remodeling your kitchen is considered to be a complex web of things which you must go for. But mark my words remodeling your kitchen is not that much tough as you are thinking of. Yes, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen like the budget of doing it, the cabinets, tools, materials which you are going to be required, etc. and many more of the things which are considered to be important at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen.

How to remodel your kitchen

  • The first thing which the home owners must take in to account at the time of going for the remodeling of your kitchen in your home is the deciding of the budget. Decide for how much amount of your investment you want to spend but remember one thing you need to stick up with the budget which you have decided because it will help you in knowing for the exact expense which is going to take place.
  • At the time of remodeling your kitchen, you must get the ideas about the cost which you are going to take in to account. Break down the costing factors like the cost for cabinets, windows, chimney, electrical appliances, etc. which you are going to intake at the time of going for the process of remodeling your kitchen. This will give you all sorts of ideas that which thing is considered to be taken first. And if you budget is being taking more than you can also delete one of the thing from the list or categories which is being decided.
  • After this now it is the time to go for making the remodeling list or the priorities which is considered to be taken first at the time of going for remodeling your kitchen. Make a list of the things which you need to comply first like installing cabinets, drawers which can help the home owners in getting their things easily in the kitchen. After this fixing it on its right place is the last step which you need to go for at the time of remodeling your kitchen.





How to Install Window Blinds in your HomeEach and every part of the home is important to be taken into consideration. Just like the window blinds. Yes it is very important to install window blinds in your home if you are thinking of security, privacy, etc and many more such factors which are considered at the time of installing window blinds in your home. There are many benefits which you can avail at the time of installing window blinds in your home. But the fact which you don’t know is that it is very easy to comply with the process of installing window blinds in your home. And it is very easy to get into the process of getting your window blinds placed in your windows.

This article will help you to know more about which things must be considered at the time of installing window blinds in your home. No doubt there are many methods which are provided by the internet but I know this method or process is going to access you in a better manner as you have expected. The further discussed steps are as under.

Installing window blinds in your home

  • There are different types of things which must be considered and keep in mind at the time of installing window blinds in your but certain things like which materials will be needed, the colors which you will like of your blinds to be installed, etc and many more things which must be considered.
  • First and the foremost thing which you must comply at the time of installing window blinds in your home are to decide at which windows they are going to be installed. This will give you better idea about the size of the blinds which would be in accordance to the window and according to that the blinds will be shaped.
  • Not only that there are different types of blinds available in the market which can increase and enhance the glaze of people seeing it and also the home. Different colors, styles and many more things have been included in the preparation of blinds which can be easily availed by the home owners in the market.
  • Before placing those window blinds on place it is more advisable to follow the instructions which are provided with the blinds. This will give you the clear idea about which things must be considered at the time of placing the blinds on the place of the windows. If this instructions are not followed in a correct manner tan that is going to damage your installation process in a better manner.
  • Now with the help of the drill, drill all the blinds which you have selected for your home on the place so that it does not get wasted and come out of the frame where it is installed. This will provide a better grip to the blinds which are installed in your home.
  • Do not garbage those extra things which after installing the blinds have been arrived at. Because there are might be some point where you might be having the need of such similar materials in future.

Garage and Carport maintenanceGarages and carports are the place which gives protection to your vehicle. Hence this is the places which need to be maintained. Vehicle and its protection is very valuable thing and hence for protecting it garages and carports play a vital role and they should be maintained properly. Over a period of years there are chances of having some or the other minor or major issue in the garage or carport which should be focused and repaired. It is very essential to maintain the beauty and integrity of your garage and carport. Here are some of the helpful tips for maintaining garages and carports.

  • Flooring

Garage is such a place where there are chances that they get dirty easily. Oil, Greece and such other things make your garage dirty. Thus it is necessary to have such floors which have easy to clean feature. The right finish to your floor will enable your concrete floor to get easy to clean surface and it will also give your floor a fine polished look. Options for paint include epoxy and acrylic latex which are specifically designed for garage floors. Stains and concrete sealers are much easy to apply but it will require more cleaning and also reapplication.

Whichever finishes you opt for make sure you properly clean your floor first; wash your floor appropriately with trisodium phosphate or any cleanser of similar nature and rinse it with the help of a hose. Start this thing from the back of the garage and then come to the front.

After the floor is set for the new finish, check the area is properly ventilated. After then apply the paint, sealer or stain whatever you have chosen.

Leave the floor as it as for at least 24 hours without walking on it to dry. And start parking a car after a week of this application.

  • Parking

Let your garage walls and cars remain without damage by marking the parking zone in your garage. Make use of colorful electrical tape or spray some paint to indicate the drive-in stopping point or you can also hang on a tennis ball from the ceiling so that when you reach the spot of stopping, the ball will hit the spot and likewise you will not cross the limit.

  • Ventilation

A properly sealed garage can be a great working spot or a storage area but it can also be a collection of carbon monoxide gas which is generated from cars and other machinery like lawn mowers. Make sure you don’t use any such things in a detached garage. Keep the doors of the garage open and then make use of any such things. Also make sure don’t use such machinery which will spread this gas and get in your house.

  • Close the gaps

If you want that debris, vermin and cold air should stay away from garage then the only solution is to close the gaps which are around the door of your garage. By sealing the gaps and open areas all those things will remain out of your garage.



Gambrel roofsBecause of the construction, appearance and structure, gambrel roofs are also referred as barn roof. The building of gambrel roof is considered traditional. However this roofing needs appropriate maintenance to keep up with its durability. Gambrel roofing is good and has several advantages but along with advantages, gambrel roofing also carries disadvantages with it. Foremost issue of gambrel roofing is its ventilation problems and due to this, water damage and dry rot issues also arise. Thus it becomes very necessary to solve any issues immediately once detected in your gambrel roofing. Follow the below mentioned tips and it will save your gambrel roofs from damaging and maintain its durability.

  • Height of your roof

Gambrel roofs have limited heights and due to this the attic of your house got restricted. Thus because of less height the attic space got cramped up but there is a way out for this problem. You can increase the height of your roof for getting rid of this issue. But while doing so be careful that it does not affect your neighborhood in a negative way and you also don’t break up any area rules or codes which restricts you from doing so. Take care that while installing gambrel roof the attic space must be appropriate so that good insulation or ventilation can be availed.

  • Ventilation problems

As compared to other roofs, gambrel roofs are prone to dirt and moisture and due to these, gambrel roofs often suffers issues of ventilation. These roofs are built very close to the rest of the house and also they are placed tightly against the main frame of brick work of the house thus getting good ventilation becomes problematic.  To get rid of this ventilation issue it is important to plan in advance and install a suitable ventilation system. Plan this ventilation while you are on the track of constructing your new homes roof.

  • Additional tips to improve ventilation

We all know that ventilation is the most common issue faced by the gambrel roofs, extra devices can be installed to get rid of it and make gambrel roofing more effective. You can go for ridge vents installation in the small edges of your roof. By doing so, the areas of your house get constant intake and outflow of air. You can take help of a professional mason and install a specialized device called eyebrow vents at the lowest point of your roof. If this option is also not convenient for you then we also have a simple solution. You can have a small hole in the roof of your home to have a small attic fan. Through this your attic would have a good flow of air by just a c lick of a switch.

  • Insulation

Insulating the roof your house is very essential job. There are several states which have certain rules which forces the builders or house owners to have proper foam insulation while the process of construction. Gambrel roofs are such which needs the most effective form of insulation as these captures heat and moisture a lot and don’t leave this heat and moisture soon. This results in building up of fungi.

Flat RoofRoofing being an important part of the house, people spent a good amount on roofing. Thus, if you are spending such a good amount you should be aware about what you are choosing and what are the facts, pros and cons of that roofing. Thus if you are opting for a flat roofing these are some of the facts you should be aware of.

  • Single ply, built up and spray on/paint on are the three general types of flat roofing materials.
  • Single ply refers to just one layer of membrane as weather surface and waterproofing. The most common types of single ply roofing membrane are PVC and TPO.
  • Commercial and residential construction uses this single ply roofing membrane as the most popular roofing material.
  • Different types of single ply membranes are different in nature. PVC, TPO and EPDM are different in terms of durability, costing, specs and formulations.
  • 6-18 feet is the range in width of single ply membranes. Widely used membranes are around 10 feet.
  • The average thickness of this membrane should be atleast 50 mil. The common range of single ply roof ranges from 45 to 90 mil.
  • The next type of roof is built up roof which is built up with more and more layers for its longetivity and durability and hence it is named built up. The materials used in its manufacturing process are asphalt, rolled asphalt, modified bitumen, tar saturated paper and liquid tar with gravel.
  • Any type of built up roofing needs a positive roof slope which should be at least ½ inches.
  • Built up roofing are stopped being used in commercial properties as it is now considered to be outdated by modern construction standards. Where as it is still used in residential properties because of its low cost quality.
  • Next type of flat roofing is spray on/paints on roofs. The two most common types of spray on roofs are spray foam insulation which is sprayed directly on the roof deck and then it is coated with acrylic or urethane coating. Along with it a layer of crushed stones is also sprayed. Another spray on type is roof coatings which is manufactured and used to extend the service life by 10 to 15 years.
  • The costing of flat roofing sets at a price which is lower than pitches/sloped roofs.
  • The cheapest single ply membrane is EPDM whose rubber cost of material is about $1.5 per square foot.
  • The cost of TPO roofing is about $1.7 per square foot.
  • The cost of PVC roofing is about $1.9 per square foot.
  • The costing of modified bitumen and rolled asphalt roofs is ranging between $1.3 to 2.2 per square foot which depends upon number of piles.
  • The rarest of all is tar roofs which are to be specially ordered and thus these material prices are not available.
  • Single ply membranes are either fully adhered or mechanically attached.
  • In fully adhered method, installation comprises of gluing the membrane directly to insulation or to the substrate.
  • Method of mechanically attached comprises installation through fastening each row of membrane to the roof with the help of roofing screws and barbed plates.

metal roofsMetal roofs, the best option of all roofing methods selected by the homeowners, who are installing a new roof in their home. There is no doubt that metal roofing is costly as compared to other roofing methods, but it is  the more useful roofing method. There are many benefits available when installing metal roofs in your home. You will find many of the areas where metal roofing is installed and this roofing method is seen in large regions in the country because it is easy and simple to install. The products and the materials used in the installation of metal roofing are easily available in the market. To make sure you are using the highest quality materials, build with Armstrong Steel building kits. The reason behind selecting and installing metal roofing method are as under.

Reasons of Selecting Metal Roofing:

  • We all know that installing a metal roof in your home is costly but it provided you the reason which can be helpful to take you the decision regarding metal roofing is it durable in nature. The life of metal roof is more as compared to other roofing methods because it can be easily maintained. The metals objects such as sheets or the metal strips can be used in metal roofing. The substance from which the strips or sheets are made up are of longer lasting in life and are more durable in nature as weigh against other roofing methods.
  • Another reason of installing the metal roof in your home is low insurance premium, because roof is such an important aspect which needs to be insured, and as the metal roofing have sustainable life rate and is more durable in nature, less damage is observed in the roof. These factors of the roof increase its rate to be installed in the home as the roof. as compared to other roofing methods like asphalt shingles or the wooden roof, they need more care and attendance towards its maintenance but metal roofing is not in such category which need more money to be spend at.
  • Maintaining the roof is very tiring thing which the homeowners does not like of doing, for those homeowners metal roofing is the best reason to be installed in their home because as compared to other roofing methods like wood roof, tile roof, etc they need to be maintained every 5-10 years of time to repair the damaged portion in the roof but that issue has been solved with the help of installing the metal roof in your roof. Metal roofing can sustain for more than 50 years and does not gets affected due to any moss or algae accumulation on the roof.
  •  At the time of selling the house, the purchaser of the house will inspect the house properly and accordingly pay the amount of money. At that time if the roof is not appropriate and not maintained properly than the amount of the home will be less as estimated. This problem has been solved by metal roofing. If you have installed wood roof, or asphalt roof than there is possibility that the roof is not maintained as expected by the purchaser and less amount of the home can be arrived. But if the metal roof have installed in the home than higher amount of money can be available to the homeowners selling the home. This will be beneficial to the homeowners, credit to their return on investment.

furniture care tipsDoing up your home tastefully with good furniture is sure a great idea. Nevertheless your job doesn’t just end there. Without right care and maintenance, your furniture will lose its appeal no matter how good they are. So if you don’t want your hard earned money to go down the drains, then make sure you take care of your priced possessions well. If you are an absolute newcomer as far as taking care of your home, especially furniture is concerned, read on for effective tips to clean and take care of your home furniture.

Furniture care made easy:

Conditioning regularly: Sounds weird? But the fact is that pretty much like your hair and skin, you furniture needs conditioning and that to regularly be it leather or wood. Lots of good quality furniture conditioners are available in the market for different furniture types.

Termite attack: If your furniture is wooden then they will be pretty prone to termite attack. Make sure your wooden furniture is made termite proof by painting them with protective coatings to help them to last longer.

Pet Proof: Love your pets all you want but if having clean furniture is your primary concern then you have to keep them off your couch. Pets especially cats and dogs shed a lot, hence leading to dirty couches.

Heat Protection: Dehumidifiers and high heat can do away with the beauty of your furniture, fade it, causing discoloration. So make it a point that you don’t place hot cups or hot plates on it without a coaster to protect your furniture.

Don’t Shunt: If you want to move your furniture, lift it up and then move it. Shunting it can destroy all furniture be it your couches, bed or table.

Prevent Staining: If you prevent your furniture from staining, keep your nail polish, kid’s drink, hair dye etc away from your furniture.

Product Quality: Maintaining your furniture is a good idea but it is essential to use good quality maintenance products. Don’t compromise on quality just because the products are cheap.

Not always DIY: Sure DIY can be cost effective, nevertheless for heavy duty work, make sure you hire professional cleaners. They are absolute best at their jobs and will cater you your expectation.

Try to use fabric protection for all your fabric surfaces. These will make sure the fabric stays in good condition for longer.
Last but not the least, the backs and the arms of your chair are meant for the back and arm as the name suggest, not for your entire body. Sitting on them can make them prone to breakage. So strictly avoid.

Now that you have a good idea on how to maintain your furniture, get value for money spent by keeping them in goon condition for long.

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